What My Clients Have to Say...

My name is JT Visbal and I am co-founder of The First Tee of the Inland Empire. At TFT, We teach the NINE Core values such as Honesty and Perseverance to underserved kids. These values seem to be missing in the IE of late. I have come across and individual that has become a dear friend of mine over the last two years. Michael Bruchet truly exemplifies these Core Values in his Christ like ministry for kids.
Micheal is one of the finest golfers I have ever seen strike a golf ball. I have had the pleasure of having Michael look and work with my swing. He has a keen eye and a very unique way of teaching people about the game of golf. He has had tremendous success internationally teaching this game. But more importantly, Michael is as honest an individual as I have met… He shares his thoughts and his heart with everyone… even if it is not the political correct thing to say. I do enjoy his inspired messages that I believe come through his relationship with the Lord. I find it refreshing and I welcome it in this time where others lack the courage of their convictions.
The Perseverance that Michael displays goes way beyond the most devoted individuals]. He is on a mission to change lives, which began with his own. Michael has shed much of his earthly possessions to follow a Christ like path to change lives through his ministry. His background gives him a great foundation to teach kids about life lessons. Through Golf, Skiing, Fishing and Backpacking, Michael will deliver a deeply and meaningful experience to help introduce and or strengthen each youngsters relationship with Jesus Christ. I can’t wait to see how many lives that will be changed for all eternity through this ministry. I love Michael Bruchet.
— JT Visbal, Co-Founder of The First Tee Inland Empire, California
In 2003, I retained Michael’s services for an 8 month period and found the information to be extremely knowledgeable in helping me get the right clubs and being correctly fitted from the start. I visited Michael 3 times per week and worked hard on my game. We worked on basic fundamentals, grip, swing, stance and balance. I also worked on the mental part of the game. I found Michael brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise. When I started the program I was scoring in the 100’s. I can now score in the 80’s and have won an ameture scoring 74 and finished second in another. Thank you for all the great work, Michael Bruchet.
— Nigel Stanley, Malaysia
Michael’s teaching techniques are unique and easy to understand. I like how used the muscles mechanics and martial arts to show me how I can generate maximum power and consistency. Most importantly Michael taught me manu valuable lessons about the mental side of golf. The most important thing he taught me is to establish who i am and what is unique about my golf game. His lessons and tips have helped me progress significantly at the collegiate level and I look forward to working with him again.
— Zack Griffiths, Red Dear Alberta

I have known Michael for 20 years as a coach and a player. I would describe him as a passionate father, friend, competitor and a socially conscious entrepreneur. When Michael sets his focus on achieving a goal he will attain it. Michael is driven to be the best at whatever he does and expects that from his clients as well. That’s what makes Michael who he is.
— Rob Houlding, CPGA Golf Coach and Teacher of the Year, Vancouver, BC Canada

Thank you, Michael, for your wonderful support for GRIT Calgary Society it was a huge success and we were able to to raise over $35,000 for the day.
— Annette Eccella, GRIT Calgary Society, AB Canada

I love golf but have 2 prosthetic hips, problems with arrhythmia and life-long obesity issues. I was walking with pain and a terrible limp for 25 years. My mind was cloudy and my mood was unhappy. After 60 days working with Michael my limp was nearly gone. My cardiologist is amazed with my progress. She took me off my blood thinners and reduced my high blood pressure medication 33%. I lost 30 pounds in the first 12 weeks and gained strength and flexibility. I started training with Michael learning how to walk effcicantly using the bio mechanics of my body. Today i exercise daily and eat right and it is not a chore. We have worked extensively on the driving range with my golf swing, learning rotation and balance. Michael is the first person who has taken the time to actually teach me and show me how to move again. I love the power stretching, yoga and martial arts strength tracing parts of the program the best. My mind is now focused and happy. Thank you Michael for exceeding all of my expectations!
— Vincent French, CPA, Grand Terrace, California

I have been around som of the best swing instructors in the world as a professional caddie and now a member of the Canadian PGA. Michael Bruchet offers something more than other swing instructors. His holistic approach to the game not only prepares you to swing the club better but teaches you to prepare, train and manage your game to its fullest potential. Michael delivers the final piece to the puzzle that most good golfers have never been offered and the piece that is key to playing anyone’s best golf.
— Jay Anderson, PGA of Canada Head Professional, Calgary AB Canada