The insights Michael provided through his life’s experiences were captivating! His natural ability to deliver his personal testimony is like receiving wisdom and advice from your best friend. He is a great gift from God. I felt the genuine love he has for those he speaks to.
— Randy Rusk, Entrepreneur

Public Speaking Engagements

Through his experience as a tour player, Michael Bruchet developed a unique "Mind, Body, Spirit" program to help others in golf.  But what he discovered was his clients were not only performing better on the golf course, but their personal and professional lives were also improving.  As an International Toastmasters Speech Champion, Michael Bruchet delivers his presentation, "Are We Listening?", which is illustrated through his first-hand experiences as a professional athlete and coach.  Riddled with his own personal health issues he illustrates the obstacles that he personally overcame, and how he achieved a spiritual, mental and physical balance in his life and how the health and wellness became a program used to teach Corporate executives, sales teams, community churches and other organizations to improve there lives. These lessons and methods are provided through are inspirational message and how golf is just a metaphor for life and how they can use the same strategies used to improve their golf game to improve the more important game: LIFE.

Recently Michael Bruchet shared his testimony and a message at our Church. Not only was the message inspiring and uplifting it was also very Biblically sound and based on the Word of God. I believe that Michael shared some truths from his life, that challenged people to be better Christians and to be bold about their faith. I would recommend Michael Bruchet to speak to your Church, Organization or Youth Group as he will leave a lasting impact on your congregation as he did mine.
— Dr. Terry Warren, Senior Pastor Christ Citadel International Church, Palm Springs, California