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Michael Bruchet does not focus on THE swing.  

He KNOWS the secret to sCORING lies in mastering the game through HIS


The mental game is a key component in Michael’s coaching and vital to success on the course.

The mental game is a key component in Michael’s coaching and vital to success on the course.

Why is it that even though we know golf is 80% mental we always seem to work on getting more power in the driver rather than in our mind…

Would you like a more consistent swing…

Would you like to score well for all 18 holes ….

Would you like to have strength physically and Mental ….

Stop banging golf balls and exercising on the range, learn how to actually score better and create more consistency in your game, become stronger and more flexible, get rid of your brain fog and live a more impactful life.


Who is this program for?

This program is targeted for avid golfers and those aspiring to play golf at a higher level, whether it be recreationally or competitively.  This program is for:

  • Individuals willing to make a commitment to developing their game to play better golf

  • Juniors (12-18yr) that desire to learn and play golf at a competitive level with aspirations to play at the college or university level and gain possibilities of athletic scholarships

  • Individuals wanting to network for business and need a respectable game to show up

  • Players who desire to win club champions

  • Players with the objective of playing professional golf

  • Women wanting to improve their ball striking and become more effective on the course

  • Couples wanting to improve their game and spend quality time together on the course


The Benefits

I take pride in giving each student a great golfing experience.  Each student receives a custom tailored program designed for their own needs for them to reach their own potential as a golfer.  Some of the benefits my students receive from following my program are: 

  • Lower stroke averages and handicaps. I encourage students to set a goal and I will help you obtain it.

  • Better management of emotions and tension. Don't let that bad hole carry with you the whole round.

  • Maturity and self sufficiency under pressure

  • Ability to stay focused and stay in the present moment

  • Improved strength, overall health and mental clarity, no more brain fog

  • Achieve greater life and work balance while achieving greater golf success

  • Enhanced career opportunities through networking in golf

  • Less frustration and more enjoyment on the course. Make golf fun again!

The Program Includes:


one-on-one instruction with Michael

Most of Michael's teaching is performed online via Skype or FaceTime for convenient home study.  He also provides students instructional videos for golf techniques and fitness training.  Some one-on-one course time is provided in the form of playing lessons. 


custom club fitting

Michael feels strongly about proper fitting equipment and believe it is essential to achieving top performance.  Each student will receive a custom club fitting.  He trusts The Club Fix as his own personal club builders and provides the opportunity for his clients to use their award winning services as well.  As Michael says, “All pianos can make noise. But tune the piano and it will play beautiful music. Your golf clubs are the same.” 

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Training Tools

Students enrolled in the program receive Michael’s Training Manual and specially designed Scorecards. These are the tools you will use to write down your personal goals as well as track your progress. Understanding what your doing will help with what you need to work on and how to improve.


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