Living by Faith.


The last professional golf tournament Michael Bruchet played in was the Honda Open in India.  While walking down the 18th fairway he felt it was as if God had placed his hand on his shoulder and said, "Come and walk with me."  Not understanding what it meant, he went back to Taiwan and continued to expand his golf academy.  He thought he was walking with God, but looking back he realized he wasn't living his life for God.  He was selfishly living his life for himself and raising his daughter, Amanda.  With political troubles in Asia, he was forced to leave the country and moved back to Canada.  Michael retired from golf at that point and focused on carpentry and woodworking.  He coached golf in the summer months.  In 2011, he thought he would return to competitive golf. 

In the Spring of 2013, Michael really began to feel God's calling getting stronger.  But it wasn't until after 3 years of financial hardship that involved bankruptcy and a failed business that Lucy & Michael found themselves at the doorstep of God's house.