Online Golf Program: Break 80 System

Are YOU Ready?

Are you tired of feeling tired?

Tired of brain fog?

Tired of golfing every week but never getting better?

Are you open to a different approach on learning?

If you can commit to the following, then you have what it takes to be successful and create positive change both on and off the course:

Can you provide me with 30 minutes per week? YES?

Are you willing to devote 14 minutes per day to create a healthier lifestyle that will improve your level of energy and help you become more productive in golf and in life? YES ?

Then please follow the attached link and register for my FREE LIVE Webinar


Break 80 System

From your own computer, you can learn the skills and tools you need to Break 80 In A Year.  Michael walks you step-by-step on how it's done.

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Michael's developed a workbook for you to record your goals as well as exercises to complete for the mental component.  Body component is nutrition and lifestyle. And the balance you need to score on and off the golf course.

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VIdeo Tutorials 

Michael provides you video demonstrations of technique, body mechanics, exercises and drills.  Everything you need to amp up your game.