Our Official Tour Vehicle is a 1991 Ford Econoline Van, “The Holy Roller”.

Our Official Tour Vehicle is a 1991 Ford Econoline Van, “The Holy Roller”.


It all started when…

Me and my wife were feeling the pressures of life.  We were strapped financially with the burden of a new large home, opening a new business and a baby on the way.    We were struggling with how we were going to make it all work.  When one evening while watching Netflix we came across the documentary titled, "Tiny".  This movie opened my eyes and changed my vision for how I wanted to live life.  If you aren't already familiar with the tiny house movement, it is about living small in order to live big.  I became fascinated with the idea of sacrificing all of the things in our life in exchange for spending quality time in the great outdoors with my family.  After years of researching tiny living, pinning on Pinterest and dreaming... I found her... a white and chrome 1991 Ford Econoline Conversion Van.

My dream has always been to ultimately get on the senior tour and play at the competitive level once again.  And at the ripe age of 50, I am physically strong, my game is better than ever and I have finally reached the age to pursue that dream.  Life on the road without my family, was never going to be an option for me.  So, getting a tour van would provide me and my family the ability to travel to tournaments, spend the summers in Canada with my daughter, Amanda, and just spend more time camping and doing the things we love.  

we have sold all of our personal belongings...

We are getting ready to hit the road.  I'm in the process of building out the interior of our van to accommodate our family of five.  Most people, would think we are crazy.  But when I ask myself, "what are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your dream?"  The answer was easy, "all I need is my faith and family.  So I would happily give up everything to try.  I never want to wake up when I'm 85 and say "I wish I would have tried.  I wonder if I tried."  I am pursuing my dream and win or lose, I know I have already come out a winner.  

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