Reserve Your Foursome Now!

Our 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament to support our Build A Game For Life youth ministry is just around the corner and will be held Friday, November 16, 2018. This charity golf tournament supports our bible based golf camps that are scheduled for the 2019 year.  Build A Game For Life is our new non-profit youth ministry to provide opportunities for underprivileged teens to play golf and receive a solid foundation in biblical principles to become stewards in their communities and be better prepared for life.  Michael Bruchet has envisioned these great outdoor camps for teens for years.  We are so excited to finally see it come to fruition.  

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Fenix XCell: A New Golf Apparel Line

We are excited to have the opportunity to be working with QV Direct to bring Fenix XCell to the North American marketplace. Fenix XCell produces clothing that I have found to be superb and I am excited to represent the brand.  The collection features really cool, vibrant, and stylish designs. Fenix have specially designed fabrics which have Moisture, Wicking and Heat Control properties. They also have high stretch properties for maximum playing comfort.

All shirts can be tailored to your own requirements by adding logo's and names.

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No More Advil. My Anti-Inflammatory Solution

This recipe helped me fight fatigue, arthritis, inflammation, depression and has brought more clarity and energy through out my day. It has also helped as a body cleanse. I have become stronger and leaner than I was in my twenties. I am not a doctor or dietician. This is simply sharing the information that has helped me. After all these years, I have been studying alternative methods of medicine, I am amazed with the results. I call this my Breakfast Super Elixir.  

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Michael Bruchet