The Athlete

A naturally gifted athlete, Michael was destined for success.  He only needed to choose a sport.  As a young teenager he won the silver medal for boxing at the Alberta Summer Games.  By the time he had reached high school, he had become a local celebrity as a hockey star in his hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta. The NHL appeared to be the path for him, he cast his skates aside when he stopped growing. A scratch golfer at 15 Michael focused on golf.  In 1996 his golf career looked bright when he missed US Open pre qualifier by one shot.  Shortly after that tournament Michael was involved in a freak accident, leaving him with a broken wrist and shattered dreams.  Five different doctors prescribed surgery but provided him no hope.  He declined treatment and abandoned his plans to play golf.  Depressed and lost, Michael left for Asia to explore other opportunities.  While abroad, he was introduced to a Chinese Doctor who healed his wrist using Chinese medicine.  Within three months Michael was playing golf pain-free and shortly after he started playing golf competitively.  He found success on the Thai Saga Tour, finishing 27th on the Order of Merit and established a World Asia Ranking of 519.


Through his experiences as a player, Michael discovered what was missing in the teaching world and began developing his unique and innovative "Mind, Body, Balance" coaching program.  The program was designed to create a strong mind, healthy body and balanced life.  Using his on program he started to find a different purpose in his own life, his clients derived positive results both on and off the course,  They found they were able to play golf with more consistency and they enjoyed playing the game more.  As their overall health improved, all facets of their life were impacted. Michael’s passion for living a incredible simple impactful life has helped him in his own endeavours and the result was balance and peace, through this learning experinace his own students found there own peace, and created the balance they were missing. Helping clients become healthy and happier in life has become his missions work. The past 6 years Michael started his Life Enthusiast  Coaching and the results have been amazing, from career changes to winning club champions and even skiing after 30 years away from the sport every individual has had there own aha moment, its been so rewarding as a coach.

THE Tour Player 

Michael can now qualify to play on the PGA Champions Tour.  He continues to practice and stay healthy always giving him the opportunity to be ready, however Michael’s life and the tour has become less a priority as he builds his coaching program, providing men with experiences that can impact there’re life forever. Michael and his wife Lucy’s passion for the simple life they decided to purchased a vintage 1991 Ford Camper Van they named, "The Holy Roller" is their means of travel across the US and Canada.  While traveling Michael will also uses his gifts in public speaking to share his personal story of their troubles and successes to local churches, businesses, organizations and youth camps about his journey through life.  



As Michael has incorporated his own "Mind, Body, Balance" program into his own life, he has found that the BALANCE component is one of the most challenging pieces to put into practice.  He understands the challenges his clients face with the demands of life, Family and career, the pressures to succeed.  In order to create a more balanced life for himself, Michael and his family subscribe to a more minimalist lifestyle.  Living within a smaller footprint and choosing family time and experiences over new cars, houses and toys, they are aspiring to create a more fulfilling life with the things that matter:  Michael enjoys spending time in the great outdoors.  As a Canadian from Alberta, he is most at home when camping, backpacking, skiing, or fly fishing in the mountains.  Michael, his wife, Lucy and their four kids, Amanda, Jordan, Jace and Joshua spend their summers camping and exploring the Canadian Rockies.  He loves to teach his children how to fish, learn outdoor survival skills and how to live an inspired life through LOVE.